The Lawyers at Sesame Street

I stumbled across an amazing trick.

Today’s newsletter has got a lot of news about the more technical side of Internet Marketing. The Ins and Outs of Product Development.

I know from conversations that I had had with many of you that some are interested in developing your own products, if not now then sometime in the future.

So I thought you might be interested in the development story behind one of my lesser known products – Affiliate Tripler.

You can check the product out here 🙂

Let me start  the story at the beginning…

The Context

It can be hard to make a profit when promoting products from jvzoo or clickbank,  especially when using paid advertising, will the commissions you make be a lot more than the cost of the paid advertising ?

And If you’re promoting a product  using Facebook advertising or Google AdWords you need to send the traffic to your website first to stay within advertising guidelines. 

You then have two options.

1. You offer a simple products review,  or pre sell,  and hopefully the visitor will click on your affiliate link then visit the sales page and hopefully buy the product…

2. You offer a free product where the visitor can opt in to your email list.  You can then promote all sorts of products to that person.

The Problem

The problem you have as an affiliate is lost sales, and not just lost sales on the product you are promoting, but also lost sales from whatever other products your traffic buys from the same vendor.

Imagine for the moment you are sending traffic, as an affiliate, to someone’s product website.

You get paid an affiliate commission for whatever your traffic buys.

If it’s a high value product, say $200, then you make a decent commission.

But what happens if the traffic you send sees the high value product but opts instead for a cheaper introductory product at the start of the vendor’s sales funnel ?

You only get paid once, and for a low value product !

And if you are using paid traffic techniques then this can make the whole process unprofitable !

The Technical Solution

Back in 2008 when I first started  making money as an affiliate I stumbled across an amazing trick or back door into ensuring that I got commissions for any lost sales…

This was referred to as the invisible pop up…   probably better known now as cookie dropping.

This was a simple process of editing the html code on the landing page to ensure that my  affiliate cookie was set as soon as somebody read my review or visited my squeeze page.

This simple process,  whilst a bit technical,  has accounted for around 20% of all my affiliate sales since 2008!!

This is an absolute game changer. Especially if you are using paid traffic.

The Product

To simplify the process I developed my own software tool called Cookie Monster.  I developed this really just for my own use but quickly had loads of other top end affiliate marketers asking if I could share my tool with them.

Oh and it worked with advertising re-targeting as well.

Everything was going really well and the feedback from the beta testers was fantastic and then…

The Hiccup

For obvious reasons  – I was automating the cookie dropping process – the product was called Cookie Monster.

And the graphic was of a blue cookie monster – which I thought was sufficiently different to what was on the market, and of course it’s in a different industry sector.

BUT then I get an email and a nastily worded letter from the lawyers from Sesame Street !

So the launch got canned and I changed the name of the product to  Affiliate Tripler.

And then I sort of lost interest.

Which was a pity because I had a really good animated graphic video done for the sales page.

You can check the product out here 🙂

The Moral of the Story

Well the obvious one is not to go anywhere near infringing anyone’s copyright and to check that stuff first.

The second thing is perhaps not so obvious. 

I was so focussed on creating a really good technical product to meet a clearly defined need, and then in creating a really neat sales video to explain a quite technical problem.

And the third thing is also not so obvious.

Because of the hassle I had almost “deliberately” forgotten about the product and how good it is at doing what I wanted it to do.

Where we are Now

Make no mistake this is a real technically-based solution to creating a real working shortcut.

A route to instant results

Clearly Affiliate Tripler gives you, as a professional affiliate marketer, the opportunity to be highly successful and increase income substantially.

A colleague of mine,  Michael Wilding has been using Affiliate Tripler for about 2 years now, this is what he said

Michael Wilding
A month after I started using Affiliate Tripler I added around $4,000 a month to my bottom line!!!

thanks Sarah.

Check out  Affiliate Tripler for yourself 🙂 

How Richard Branson does things differently..

Since reading Richard Branson’s book about how he has built and run the Virgin empire I have become a big fan of his.

One of the things that really impresses me is the way he looks for businesses to invest in that have the ability to turn markets on their head and develop a strategic advantage.

Now I am a great fan of what Tesla are doing to the car market, and especially with the forthcoming Tesla Model 3.   

I was on YouTube last week and saw the new product launch for the new Tesla 3 electric car, can you believe 276,000 advance orders the new Model 3 ?

I remember a comment Bill Gates made along the lines of “if the car industry followed the price curve of the computer industry cars would cost under $1000 and would be so advanced they would drive themselves”

To which the head of Ford made a remark along the lines of “ if cars were like PCs then they would stop for no reason while driving down the motorway and require software updates every 6 months ! 

To me the interesting thing about the Tesla is not that it is an electric car, but the fact you can get free software updates, including semi-autonomous driving.

(I wish they would do that to built – in sat-nav in my Range Rover!)

So I am going off to a Tesla showroom, test drive an electric car, and see what it’s like for myself before I put down a deposit !

All the best,


Sarah Staar

When it stops being fun we’ll stop doing it…     (John Carpenter)

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