Things are starting to grow

This past week here in France it’s been really hot for this time of year…
I’ve been enjoying the sun and spending loads of time out in the garden…

Dave and I have been,

  • Planting more vegetables
  • Chopping firewood
  • Weeding the flowerbeds
  • Mowing the lawns

In fact the potatoes we planted about a month ago have started to grow…

However one of our raspberry bushes which I planted got eaten by a deer!!

I was in my office last week and glanced out the window and saw two deer standing in the flowerbeds..

I guess I’m going to have to build a fence around some of the flowerbeds…

Growing vegetables is a bit like building a business…

Plant your vegetables with lots of enthusiasm and hope..

Then wait for what seems like an eternity…

And then all of a sudden you start seeing little green shoots appearing above the earth…

Exactly the same thing happens with an Internet business…

You start out with lots of enthusiasm…

You do your market research….

You start promoting….

And guess what?

Nothing seems to happen for what seems like an eternity…

And then all of a sudden, little green shoots start to appear…

The little green shoots are sales or commissions…

In business all you need is the correct strategy…

And a little bit of patience…..

The lawnmower repair that went wrong..

A couple of weeks ago our lawnmower wouldn’t start…

It’s an old engine Flymo lawnmower…

And quite rare…

It’s a hovercraft lawnmower….

How old?

About 15 years old…

Why did I buy a Flymo engine lawnmower?

Because it’s the lawnmower I remember my grandfather using when I was a child…

Last year Dave and I were in central London and decided to visit the science Museum….

I found it pretty funny to see the exact same model of lawnmower that I have on display!!!

I knew my lawnmower was old but a museum piece?

Seriously if you go to the science Museum in London you see it a glass case with some other relics from the 70s and 80s!!

Anyway about two weeks ago it wouldn’t start….

And because we’re on lockdown here I couldn’t take it to the shop to be repaired…

I watched a couple of YouTube videos and followed all the steps….

And eventually came to the conclusion that the carburettor had a fault….

How hard could it be to clean a carburettor?

Well taking it apart was pretty easy…

There were loads of bits all over the table and I cleaned each one…

However when I came to put it back together again I realised that it wasn’t so easy….

After watching two or three more YouTube videos….

And several hours of fiddling….

I finally got it back together again….

And the lawnmower did start however it was misfiring and billowing black smoke….

So I’ve given up…

Oh well you have to try these things….

However I think mechanics is definitely not my forte….

This morning I went online and ordered a brand-new battery operated lawnmower…

A Stihl RMA 448 TC, this is the Tesla of battery lawnmowers…

It should arrive next week sometime….

I’m thinking about doing a video review and putting it on YouTube…

TV and movies

As some of you may know I’m a big movie collector.

In fact I have over 1500 DVDs and Blu-ray’s.

Because I have so much physical media it became very hard to manage.

So I ripped all of my DVDs and Blu-ray’s and put them on a dedicated movie server.

The software I used to manage this is something called Plex.

It’s a bit like having your own personal Netflix.

So the last couple of weeks this is what I’ve been watching from my Plex server.

  • The spy who loved me
  • The breakfast club
  • We Bought A Zoo
  • Alien nation (The TV series)
  • Curb your enthusiasm (The TV series)
  • The big bang theory (The TV series)
  • The Last Ship (The TV series)
  • Jericho (The TV series)
  • Battle Star Galactica (The TV series)
  • Homeland (The TV series)

Have a great week whatever you’re doing,




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