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  1. Thanks, this content was very informative. And you look good.

  2. Love your video news letters from France.
    Sounds as though you are missing shopping in old “Blighty”.
    Hope you have a good trip over. Perhaps a live video from England? Its actually hot and sunshining in Yorkshire at the moment 🙂.

    Pete B.

  3. to see you in france are you going to see the bike race

  4. Hi Sarah

    The concept of size stores – called ” The Size Shop” was something I have talked about with a few people – but along the lines that it is a single store that hold sizes / shapes for a range of companies / brands – that you can put a “white” outfit on and then have the available colours “beamed” onto – then you just have the SKU sent to your phone with a picture of you in the outfits

    This coupled with a coffee bar etc ……..

  5. thanks for all of your useful videos…very informative

  6. Hi Sarah, interesting thoughts as usual. By the way, a propos clothes made by measurement and delivered to your home. Just what sonoftailor has started with.
    Greetings from Thailand and have a hazzlefree return to England!

  7. Hi Sarah,
    Ithink your on the ball,the big fault with internet as I see it scammers and trust.
    and some marketers are looking to bring off line links and combine the two , as with your combined data list.Dont get me wrong
    the internet is a good tool but It does seem to be fadeing.

  8. Always like to read your newsletter!
    You have good insights to share 🙂

  9. Hi Sarah here in the United States breaks are taking at different times

  10. Sarah, Along the lines of clothing stores and what the future might or could be. My experience during the pandemic was not being able to use the dressing rooms to try on clothes I might want to buy. This was so frustrating because I wanted desperately to buy local. It was important to me mostly because so many businesses in the U.S. had already been closing due to shutdowns. Supporting these local businesses was integral to save any more shutdowns. Then there was the issue of not having products stocked. That wasn’t so much the clothing industry, but more so with other household items. At some point, we were forced to buy online.
    My point here is that your idea of having a virtual style show with yourself as the star, could be huge in this industry and would obviously lead to even more online sales. If it’s your objective to find out more about this, it sounds like something for you to pursue.
    Always love your videos. Thank you

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