This is going to change the world

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all a happy New Year. I’m so excited about 2021, and the 2020s in general… This is the decade that is going to see the world change in a big way… The previous 20 years has been about the Internet and software… Twitter […]

The Command Centre

Dave likes to call my office the command centre because I have three monitors set up. He says it looks like something out of hacker movie or Mr robot…. Having the right set up is super important for me… A lot of people ask how I managed to be so productive… And get lots of […]

It seems straightforward enough…

When I’m travelling, one essential tool I need is a laptop… Last year when I was in the States my laptop kept crashing… It was incredibly frustrating… So I decided it was time to purchase something new… After all my laptop was nine years old! So I decided I needed to purchase something new… My […]

Bang!! I ended up on the floor..

Last week I was sitting at my desk in deep thought…. I lent back on my chair…. Bang!! I ended up on the floor… Almost up on top of my cat Miriam… I don’t know who looked more shocked… Me or Miriam… The plastic base of my chair had completely broken… I immediately ordered a […]

Mission Creep

A few weeks ago the rubber seal on our washing machine started to crack and leak.. So we were forced to use our new washing machine next door in the guest guesthouse… I wondered if the rubber seal could be replaced? So went online… Sure enough I found a company selling the rubber door seals… […]

The death of the high street

It seemed like a simple task…. Load the car up with junk…. Old cardboard boxes Used paint pots Offcuts of drywall / plasterboard And take it all down to the local recycling centre…. However an hour later I found myself lost in the middle of rural France…. I had put the address into my satellite […]

Water coming through the ceiling

Dave came into my office with a worried look on his face… There’s water coming through the ceiling next door!! I rushed next door into our newly decorated kitchen.. And there was a huge water stain on the ceiling!! We both went upstairs to try and find out where the water was coming from. It […]

Moonwalking in France

So there I was tossing and turning at 3.30am… I couldn’t get to sleep…. I was in pain…. And I had a deep feeling of frustration…. This is a common occurrence for me because I suffer from a bad back… Over the last few weeks it’s been particularly bad… The problem is, I end up […]

The BBC?

Somehow I managed to travel from France to the UK with an expired passport… In fact my passport had expired two months previously… However this brought up a massive problem… I’d only been planning to stay in the UK for three or four days… Trying to travel back to France with an expired passport probably […]

Arrested at Customs

Sunday morning I found myself in a queue at customs, Calais France…. I was travelling back to the UK for a very short visit to get my hair done and also do some shopping… This is a journey I’ve done countless of times in the past… However this time I was really worried… In fact, […]