The Best Part Is No Part…

Disaster I pulled the wrong cable out, and it’s costing us £2,000 an hour!! That’s what once happened to me back in the 1990s… Back then I worked for a video transfer house in Soho, London. Basically what we did was transfer broadcast videotapes from one format to another… The facility was deep underground and […]

A helping hand…

One of the advantages with living in rural France is that we have a large garden… In fact a very large garden… So last year Dave and I experimented with growing our own vegetables… Our test was successful… In fact we ended up with a large amount of onions and potatoes…. So this year we […]

Something weird happened

Saturday 6:30 AM… I was lying in bed… A strange orange / red light was coming through a crack in the curtains… I noticed that three of my cats were behind the curtains staring out of the window… What could it be? I got up went to the window and pulled the curtains… It was […]

Cats have taught me a few things…

As some of you may know I am a cat Parent. Living with four cats has taught me a few things… Cats love routine… They like to eat sleep and go for walks at the same time each day… They even like to sleep in the same spots at the same time of day round […]

Mistakes not Talked About

Have you ever hit the wrong button and lost all your work? Forgot to save a project?? Not had a backup… Or simply tried something new and failed miserably? It happens to all of us right? Later in life failure can lead to massive self-doubt and even depression. We forget how much we failed when […]

Video Newsletter – The pain of failure

In today’s video newsletter I explain The secret to succeeding and how most people overlook this! Also a quick update on my new lead generation sales funnel.   Get 90% off 10 of my products. Also for the first time ever I’m offering resell rights for these products.   Click here to check it out […]

The comments said I am stupid

Your stupid! You can’t even spell? How can somebody with bad grammar like you give advice here! Believe it or not those were actual comments on posts which I wrote on the warrior forum back in 2008. So you can imagine how much it knocked my confidence especially when trying to write sales pages. However […]

This is going to change the world

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all a happy New Year. I’m so excited about 2021, and the 2020s in general… This is the decade that is going to see the world change in a big way… The previous 20 years has been about the Internet and software… Twitter […]

The Command Centre

Dave likes to call my office the command centre because I have three monitors set up. He says it looks like something out of hacker movie or Mr robot…. Having the right set up is super important for me… A lot of people ask how I managed to be so productive… And get lots of […]

It seems straightforward enough…

When I’m travelling, one essential tool I need is a laptop… Last year when I was in the States my laptop kept crashing… It was incredibly frustrating… So I decided it was time to purchase something new… After all my laptop was nine years old! So I decided I needed to purchase something new… My […]