Have you ever felt like this?

Have you ever had one of those days? You know, one of those days you didn’t feel like doing anything… In fact it was a day where you had tons of stuff to do…
 But you ended up doing nothing…
 And then at the end of the day you’re really annoyed with yourself…
 Well guess […]

He gave me a weird look and said no

Have you ever been afraid to ask for something? Asking someone out on a date… Trying to close a big sale…. Have you ever been afraid to take action? Launching a new product… Putting on a workshop…. Have you ever procrastinated? Well from personal experience I can definitely say yes to all of the above. […]

Lying on a hospital bed in agony…

Saturday morning, I found myself lying on a French hospital bed in agony. What happened? Well, on Thursday I drove over to France, taking the Channel Tunnel. It was a rather long drive, around five hours. Everything seemed fine until I sat down to watch a movie on the couch and my back started to […]

All I got was a blank look…

The end of retail as we know it last week staying with my mum in London… I’ve got an office set up in her spare room which I use when I’m in town.. I powered up my computer and started writing a newsletter… And then my keyboard stopped working… I unplugged it and plugged it […]

They make it sooo complicated!!

Driving a Tesla can be an interesting experience and fun. Apart from it being really fast and fun to drive, quite often I get people wanting to take photos of the car, and look inside, and also, lots of people asking me questions such as, how far can you drive on one charge? That seems […]

It’s illegal

I was standing in the pouring rain. It was freezing cold, and I was in central London. I was analysing a rather alarmingly large crack, which had appeared in my Tesla’s windscreen. This meant that I couldn’t drive my car as it’s illegal to drive with a large crack in your windscreen, so I had […]

White Cats In The Snow

Cruise Checklist

I woke up this morning to a thin blanket of snow here in France. The French countryside is absolutely beautiful when it is covered in snow. My cats were eager to get out and I wondered what they would think as they’d never seen snow before. They seemed to all be having terrific fun trying […]

Having A Coffee With A Bitcoin Millionaire

Internet Marketers Cruise

This time last week, I was sitting having a coffee with a bitcoin millionaire, cruising around the Caribbean.These are the sort of things that can happen on the Internet Marketers Cruise. You can sit down, have a coffee, and lo and behold, you’re sitting next to somebody who is making a huge amount of money […]

Is Analogue Better Than Digital?

record player

I think it’s really sad that we’ve all got used to listening to really bad quality music from our mobile phones using file formats such as MP3. It wasn’t very long ago when we all had a relatively high quality Hi-Fi system in our living room using a record player. Remember those? Unlike a lot […]

How Did I Benefit From A Bad Situation

A couple of weeks ago, my Tesla got pranged by one of the moving vans when I moved to France. This is particularly annoying, as it’s such a beautiful car I find it rather embarrassing having a dent in the side of my car. Anyway, I called up one of the Tesla-approved garages to get […]